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Reuse Minnesota occasionally has contractor opportunities to partner with us in completing projects and objectives to better support reuse in Minnesota. 

Current opportunities

RFP: Measuring statewide impacts of reuse


Reuse Minnesota is seeking an individual or firm that is well-versed in concepts and use of life cycle analysis and datasets to provide and execute a methodology/tool(s) for measuring the statewide impacts of reuse activities. The tool(s) will be used to document the benefits of the products and services provided by reuse businesses and organizations in Minnesota. At the conclusion of this contract, a formal report will summarize the findings and provide a detailed methodology for the approaches used to measure these impacts. 

Proposal submittal 

Proposals should include a detailed budget, desired payment schedule, and names and qualifications of key individuals involved with the project. 

Submit proposals to by 4:00 pm (Central) on Monday, April 4, 2022, attention to Emily Barker. Please use the subject line of “Proposal: Measuring statewide impacts of reuse.”

See full RFP details here.

Funding for this project is from the State of Minnesota’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). 

Question responses

  1. Can you share the details of Reuse Minnesota's ENRTF work plan as it relates to this RFP?
    Reuse Minnesota's approved work plan can be found here. References to this specific RFP can be found on the following:
    • Page 3: Narrative - Additional strategies include [...] measuring the impact of reuse across the state through tested, pre-defined tools to prove growth in the reuse, repair and rental sector and environmental, economic and social impacts.
    • Page 5: Activity 2 - Expand methods for tools for measuring the environmental, economic, and social impacts of reuse, repair, and rental
      With funding from LCCMR, Reuse Minnesota successfully illustrated the positive impact that reuse, rental, and repair businesses have on Minnesota's economy, environment, and communities. With this new funding, the same research will be conducted, with additional depth, two years after the first study to show trends of reuse businesses and the effect of new networks and consumer habits. 
    • Page 6: Activity Milestones - Utilize and refine the pre-defined tool for measuring impacts of reuse businesses statewide.
    • Page 8: Budget Summary - Contracts and Services. Professional or Technical Service Contract. Additional economic, environmental, and social impact research of reuse, repair, and rental businesses across the state. Brio is former LCCMR grant partner but another contractor might be needed. Hiring of person or contractor will adhere to state contracting guidelines and a competitive bid process (Activity 2b). $20,000.
  2. Can you provide the full list of NAICS codes used in the 2019-2020 study?
    These can be found in the Appendices of our report, beginning on page 27. 

  3. Can you provide the EIO-LCA model from the 2019-2020 study and/or the data inputs? 

    The tool that was used for the 2019-2020 study was developed by Carnegie Mellon, and is their 2002 version of their Producer Price model. The previous dataset was purchased through Dun & Bradstreet and is available for comparison with the next iteration of the report; however, cannot be shared publicly before that due to license restrictions.

  4. Do you have a license for the EIO-LCA model for commercial use?

    We do not have a license for the Carnegie Mellon EIO-LCA model.

  5. What level of training do you anticipate Reuse Minnesota staff will need in order to conduct ongoing analysis (e.g., staff are proficient in excel but would need training specific to the process, staff will need training in both excel and the process, etc.)?
    Both staff are proficient in Excel, as are several board members. The primary training needed will be in the process for running the data in the tool created.

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