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To lead a movement grounded in the principles of reuse, which extends the life of resources and decreases the demand for new production. 


We build partnerships and support a vibrant network of reuse practitioners through education, advocacy, and promotion.


We envision regenerative, reuse-centered communities that protect the environment and value the well-being of future generations.

Guiding principles

Environment and climate: Reuse reduces the demand for natural resources and the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, harmful pollution, and waste.

Prosperity: Reuse creates opportunities for talent development, skilled training, local job growth, and economic prosperity.

Community: Reuse fosters connection and builds relationships across a broad range of people and organizations.

Equity platform

Reuse Minnesota believes in the value of all people and chooses to be an organization that not only welcomes diverse voices and perspectives, but actively seeks to incorporate them. We are committed to ensuring individuals of all abilities, ages, body sizes, cultural backgrounds, gender identities, income levels, races, and sexual orientations feel respected in our efforts. This includes ongoing work to build authentic, lasting partnerships and take the time to listen before acting. It involves speaking up and not being a bystander to ongoing injustices or exclusionary practices. We also ground this commitment in intentionally creating inclusive access for the opportunities and resources we offer.

As an organization, much of our work focuses on the environmental aspects of reuse. We know waste, pollution, and climate change disproportionately impact certain communities, notably black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and lower-income communities. The environmental movement has a history and current reality rife with systemic racism, with a large majority of policies rooted in white supremacy. The reuse community is not immune to this.

In connecting with Reuse Minnesota members and the broader statewide reuse community, we’ve confirmed these three actions as priorities for Reuse Minnesota’s current equity work:

    • Listen to and form avenues for communications with marginalized communities.
    • Advocate and propose policy initiatives at state and local levels that center on environmental justice.
    • Pursue funding to offer accessible micro grants, scholarships, etc. and invest in local reuse organizations.

As we work toward our vision of regenerative, reuse-centered communities that protect the environment and value the well-being of future generations, Reuse Minnesota knows we have blind spots in both knowledge and relationships. Changing this takes time and dedication to equity, not as a side program, but as a foundational aspect of who we are. We thank you for pushing us to always strive to do better.

Strategic plan

The Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors adopted an updated strategic plan for the organization in June 2023. This document summarizes the guiding elements defining Reuse Minnesota and the work we do. It also outlines the strategic outcomes for the organization for the next five years. 

Reuse Minnesota was founded in 2012 and is a member-based nonprofit that supports repair, resale, and rental businesses, bringing visibility to the reuse sector as a means to lower our state's impact on the environment.

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