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Guides to Reuse

what is reuse?

In a more traditional context, reuse is using something again or longer than its intended or unintended use. A reusable water bottle or shopping pre-owned are what you might think of in terms of reuse. Reuse has expanded to form the sharing economy, a community in which individuals share resources with others. Ride share apps, online peer-to-peer trading (such as Airbnb, Vrbo), and workplace sharing are common examples of the sharing economy. A circular economy is a newer concept that is regenerative and restorative by design. Products are designed to be reused, repaired, and remanufactured, while waste and pollution are designed out. Reuse is certainly expanding! Reuse Minnesota and its members are committed to leading the reuse economy through education, measurement, and advocacy.  

Start your reuse journey with these helpful resources

Reuse guides & tips

Environmental Protection Agency

Reducing and reusing basics

Reducing waste: What you can do

Think green before you shop 

Hennepin County

Reducing waste guide
Zero waste guide

Choose to reuse

Plastic Free Future - Reuse Map
A searchable map that lists businesses that offer: bulk bins and refill stations, restaurants that partner with reusable take out services, and restaurants that offer reusables for on-site dining
Learn about your repair rights and an overview of the laws passed so far

businesses & organizations

Launching & growing your resale business handbook
The handbook provides business basics from a resale perspective and is catered to individuals interested in the resale market, specifically those with a focus on selling secondhand and refurbished goods
Resources and subsidies for restaurants to go plastic-free

Reuse business flyer
Show your customers you are a proud reuse, resale, rental, or repair business with this customizable flyer

Reuse explorations guide
Innovative programs and strategies

Reuse stories
Reuse organizations in Minnesota sharing their reuse impact stories and experiences
Presentation recording | Presentation slides

Upstream Solutions
A public interest, non-profit organization accelerating real-world practical solutions to plastic pollution and today's throw-away culture

Waste prevention grants for businesses in Hennepin County


Carver County
Deconstruction, building material reuse grants

Hennepin County
Deconstruction, structural move, reuse materials grants

Ramsey & Washington Counties
Deconstruction and structural move grants

Building deconstruction & salvage toolkit - Rethos
Step-by-step planning tips will ensure you take advantage of the grants and funding available, as well as salvage the most from your job site.


Cultivating a repair mindset
A toolkit developed and tested by educators that teaches learning strategies, tactics, and classroom materials designed to develop students' Repair Mindset

What can you do to advance the reuse sector?

  • Advocate for issues that promote and support the reuse economy

  • Dialogue with your friends, community, and business members on expanding reuse efforts

  • Plan with reuse in mind - individuals can alter their habits by having a reuse mindset, while businesses can incorporate sustainability strategies into their operations

  • Grow reuse businesses and organizations by supporting their causes and participating in volunteerism

  • Source secondhand markets for equipment, materials, and consumer products

  • Sponsor ongoing reuse programs such as repair cafes or swap events

Reuse Minnesota was founded in 2012 and is a member-based nonprofit that supports repair, resale, and rental businesses, bringing visibility to the reuse sector as a means to lower our state's impact on the environment.

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