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Right to Repair heads to Conference Committee

2023-05-01 4:08 PM | Reuse Minnesota (Administrator)

We are quickly approaching the end of the Minnesota legislative session and we need your voice on Right to Repair!

Last week the Minnesota House passed the Digital Fair Repair Act as part of the House Omnibus Commerce Finance/Policy Bill (HF2680). Search for [325E.72] DIGITAL FAIR REPAIR to find the language. 

The MN Senate passed similar language (SF2744), but with an amendment that has the potential to gut large portions of the bill under the guise of cybersecurity.

The bills now go to conference committee and it is crucial that the members of the committee hear that we cannot give tech companies a loophole to undermine your right to repair.

What you can do

Write the members of the committee, even if they are not your legislator.

We encourage you to emphasize the importance of adopting the current House version of the bill, which includes language in the cybersecurity section to allow parts as necessary for repair or maintenance of equipment. Without this, any tech company can implement locks and say it is for cybersecurity, and continue to deny you your right to repair.

Sample language

Dear Conference committee member,

I am contacting you today in support of the Digital Fair Repair language in the Commerce omnibus policy bill.

Right to Repair:

  • Gives Minnesotans throughout the state the freedom of choice of where to bring digital equipment for repair.
  • Supports and expands jobs across a spectrum of Minnesota industries.
  • Reduces the growing amount of e-waste in our world.

It is crucial that language related to cybersecurity remain strong. The current language in the Senate version leaves potential loopholes for companies to lock out individuals and independent repair shops under the guise of cybersecurity. Please adopt the House version of this language: Nothing in this section requires an original equipment manufacturer to make available parts, documentation, or tools related to cybersecurity, except as necessary for the repair or maintenance of equipment.

Please support Right to Repair for all Minnesotans! Thank you for your time and consideration!

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