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SONYA BETKER (she/they)

Sonya sees zero waste as more than meeting a regulated standard. For her, it’s making a promise to respect the needs of future generations for growth and opportunity. Committed to addressing climate change impacts, Sonya has translated her passion for sustainability into a career assisting public and private clients to achieve zero waste objectives. She is a TRUE Advisor (Total Resource Use and Efficiency), a credential focused on a whole systems approach to creating and certifying zero waste plans. She is also a Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA), a certification to help execute work in alignment with the UN sustainable development goals.

Recognizing the need to create a circular economy, Sonya is always looking for emerging technologies that challenge the status quo. Sonya is known for taking creative approaches to responding to waste management and environmental challenges. She strives to be an agent of change within the industry. Sonya believes the Triple Bottom Line wasn’t designed as a mere accounting tool, it was intended to provoke deeper thinking about capitalism, rampant liner waste,  and our future relationship to the planet.

Reuse Minnesota was founded in 2012 and is a member-based nonprofit that supports repair, resale, and rental businesses, bringing visibility to the reuse sector as a means to lower our state's impact on the environment.

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