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2022 Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors election

October 17, 2022

The Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors is made up of individuals who are passionate about reuse. The board currently functions as a hybrid of a working board and an advisory/oversight board. To support organizational needs, board members serve on teams (finance, fund development, governance, membership, personnel, strategic planning) and work collaboratively with staff. The Board is made up of officers (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) and members at large. 


For this year's election, there are ten (10) candidates for six (6) open board positions. Members who are entitled to vote were emailed a ballot. Individuals who are elected will begin their two-year term in January 2023.

Sonya Betker

Bio: Sonya has more than 20 years of experience with solid waste management strategy and planning, sustainability and waste minimization studies, organics management, waste diversion analysis and alternatives, rate studies, and creating and implementing outreach programs. She is a TRUE Advisor, a credential focused on creating and certifying zero waste policies and plans. Sonya is currently completing the Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) certification to help execute work in alignment with the UN sustainable development goals. Always looking for new technologies that challenge the status quo, Sonya is known for taking creative approaches to responding to waste management and environmental challenges.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? It would be an honor to help grow the brand of Reuse Minnesota and educate the community regarding circularity. Reuse will slow down the need for exploiting virgin materials. Disruption of the status quo within waste and recycling has been my mantra for almost 20 years, what better way to disrupt than to reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose. Sustainability is my passion, and sharing it is the way to usher in change toward sustainability.

Key skills: Fundraising - Budgeting - Member recruitment - Business ownership - Strategic planning

Other: TRUE Advisor, SEA, Desire to facilitate change

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No

Hannah Bohn

Bio: Hannah is a Senior Sustainability Specialist for Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation, leading the organization's single-use plastic reduction program called MNimize. Prior to her current position, Hannah has previously worked in social impact marketing and international disaster response and recovery coordination. She has a Master of Development Practice degree from the University of Minnesota and completed her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and French at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? Quite simply, I feel very strongly that reuse is a necessary solution to mitigating and reversing the impacts of climate change. My current project helping businesses to reduce single-use plastic leans into reuse as the best possible option for business, for people, and for the environment. Organizations like Reuse Minnesota are leading the way to facilitate reuse businesses and reuse legislation, and I want to do whatever I can to contribute.

Key skills: Grant writing - Member recruitment - Strategic planning

Other: Program Evaluation experience

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No

Danielle Claseman

Bio: Danielle is a Responsible Sourcing Director for Target Corporation, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Minnesota Cloth Diaper Bank, sole proprietor of daniellejoytextiles and most importantly is a mom to two incredible kiddos. She is a lifelong sewer with a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design & Manufacturing and has a soft spot for mending. Danielle is passionate about waste reduction, reclaimed textiles, and sharing skills with the community. You can find her leading Outreach Classes on behalf of the Textile Center, volunteering with Hennepin County Fix-it Clinics, and out foraging for natural dye stuffs with her toddler.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? After serving as a member of the Hennepin County Zero Waste Action Planning Circularity Group, running the Minnesota Cloth Diaper Bank, and diving into reclaimed textiles, I am really keen to continue to get more deeply engaged in the reuse/repair/recycle space in Minnesota. It’s critically important work and I would like to contribute my time, skills, and experience to supporting the work of Reuse Minnesota. It would be a honor to be part of the solution to what feels like an insurmountable problem.

Key skills: - Nonprofit board experience - Business ownership - Public policy - Strategic planning

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No

MayurKUMAR Dankhara

Bio: Mayur, Co-President and COO of The Green Mission Inc., has a Master's in Construction Management from Texas A&M and an undergrad from the University of Mumbai. He has worked within the construction management and deconstruction/personal property donation industry for 11 years. He hails from Gujarat, India, and has a beautiful young daughter and a brilliant wife who runs her own small business. Mayur enjoys jumping into local community initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Mayur worked as a lead project engineer within the construction management industry for years prior to moving to the deconstruction industry. His ease at assessing building layouts, determining salvageable materials, and offering best-practice guidance to clients provides in-depth knowledge of both construction and deconstruction methodologies, timelines, and feasibility of completion within a client’s determined scope of donation.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? Throughout my life, starting in the village of Gujarat, India, I have sought to live a sustainable life. This was not a matter of choice growing up as we had limited resources for purchasing things like clothing and reused everything we could. After studying civil engineering and construction management, my passion moved towards accomplishing sustainable building practices, particularly through deconstruction and donation of materials. I have been thrilled to see the work accomplished by Reuse Minnesota and hope I can add a liaison to the East Coast to communicate best practices between regions.

Key skills: Nonprofit board experience - Public policy - Strategic planning

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No  

Miriam Holsinger

Bio: Miriam is the Vice President of Operations and Business Intelligence at Eureka Recycling, a non-profit social enterprise in Minneapolis working towards their Zero Waste mission through a variety of initiatives, including innovative recycling collection and processing programs. Eureka is dedicated to preventing waste through demonstration, education, and advocacy, envisioning a world that is healthy, safe, and free of waste. Miriam has worked on recycling and waste reduction issues for over 17 years, with the last 15 years at Eureka. Miriam has been on the board of Reuse Minnesota since 2018.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? Reuse is such an important part of working towards zero waste and a circular economy. I love working to support this movement with others who are also passionate about it.

Key skills: - Nonprofit board experience - Budgeting - Business ownership

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? Yes - current Treasurer 

Jenny Kedward

Bio: Jenny is an environmental specialist for Dakota County in the southern Twin Cities. She has been talking trash professionally for over 15 years and is passionate about waste management and lowering consumption. She chose to get her bachelor’s degree in Biology to fully understand the world she wanted to protect. Kedward is trained in social marketing and uses her enthusiasm to educate residents on recycling and reducing waste. She enjoys using the never-ending bike trail system in the Metro Area and volunteering for nonprofit organizations that aim to protect our air, water and land.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? I have served six years on the Reuse Minnesota Board already and am lucky to have seen and helped the organization grow into a staffed and active advocate for change. I am eager to continue to support Reuse Minnesota.

Key skills: Nonprofit board experience - Grant writing - Public policy - Strategic planning

Other: Education

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? Yes - current President  

Aaron Keller

Bio: Aaron is the co-founder of Capsule, a special projects firm founded in the year Prince made famous. Capsule works with clients to solve complex marketing challenges, identify new revenue opportunities, and refresh lagging brands. Their team has worked with international brands (Pepsi, Patagonia), young brands (Pacha, Hydro Flask), and experienced brands (Red Wing Shoes, Leatherman). Aaron is also the author of three books on brands and a monthly columnist for Twin Cities Business Magazine.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? I am interested in joining Reuse Minnesota because of the proximity of the organization to my personal mission of maximizing the role of business in improving our relationship with the planet.

Key skills: Nonprofit board experience - Fundraising - Member recruitment - Business ownership - Strategic planning 

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No

Kristen McCoy

Bio: Kristen is the Founder of RETHINK Tailoring in South Minneapolis and Ginger Bean Resizable Kids Clothing (2015 to present), and previously Ginger Root Design (2010-2015). She has been upcycling clothing for over 25 years, and upcycling professionally for clients for 14 years. She is equal parts upcycler, clothing designer, tailor, and problem solver. RETHINK’s mission is to keep as much out of the landfills as possible, and Kristen only works on preloved garments. Her tailoring specialty is revamping old forgotten items from the closets, tailoring secondhand finds, restoring family heirlooms, letting out wardrobe faves, and repairing garments to get them back in rotation, instead of buying new. As an eco-designer, she collects damaged garments from the community and upcycles them into locally-made garments that are built to last.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? What Reuse Minnesota is doing is so important, in so many ways. I would like to infuse a bit more attention on sustainable fashion, since clothing is something that connects us all, and does so much damage to the planet. I would also love to brainstorm how we can engage the vibrant vintage seller and resale community in the Twin Cities, beyond just the larger thrift stores.

Key skills: Member recruitment - Business ownership - Strategic planning

Other: Advocating for policy change

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No 

Andrew Proctor

Bio: Andrew is the Director of Government Relations for USAgain, a national company prividing communities with a convenient and hassle-free option to recycle surplus clothing through a network of collection bins. For every full bin of gently used clothes and shoes, 1 tree is planted in partnership the non-profit Trees for the Future. Andrew has over 15 years of legislative and government affairs experience, operating in multiple states and Washington, DC. Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? I attended the REUSE22 Conference for my first time and was inspired by the attendees I met to become more engaged with reuse and help work on the policies and initiatives Reuse Minnesota is facing and advocating. With my background I can bring a private business's perspective on reuse and recycling policies in Minnesota.

Key skills: Nonprofit board experience - Fundraising - Budgeting - Member recruitment - Business ownership - Public policy - Strategic planning

Other: Legislative advocacy

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No

Ken Shain

Bio: After a near-lifetime commercializing technology as a savvy servant leader known for extraordinary inter-generational management and mentoring skills, Ken is now engaged in educating the next generation through the Minneapolus Public Schools. He developed a track record of US and international success in starting, building, or turning around organizations for structural prosperity and growth, particularly with technology companies engaged in geographic information, environmental sciences, traffic management, or real-world data capture.

Why do you want to serve on the Reuse Minnesota Board of Directors? Being a part of Reuse Minnesota fits with my life's mission, sets a good example for my sons, and complements my daughter's amazing career! I was a supplier, collaborator, or partner with many reuse and sustainability initiatives over the years. My daughter is a leader in the field in the New England area and consults with me several times a week.

Key skills: Nonprofit board experience - Fundraising - Grant writing - Budgeting - Member recruitment - Business ownership - Public policy - Strategic planning

Other: Interpersonal and network communications

Reuse Minnesota board incumbent? No  


            Applications were due on October 7. Voting by members will take place October 17 - November 1. Individuals who are elected will be contacted no later than November 9. New board members will be introduced at the annual meeting on November 15.

            Questions may be directed to the board vice president at

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